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Aluminium extrusion profiles for the UK by GSM Aluminium Ltd

Welcome to GSM Aluminium Ltd.

We are a supplier of bespoke extruded fabricated and finished aluminium profiles.

Our mission is to use our professional knowledge on past experience to find innovative, creative and economic solutions to all your extrusion challenges.

Our website explains in greater detail our extrusion and production capabilities as well as the alloys used.

Our service provision extends to extrusion die technology, aluminium extruded profiles, lightweight to heavyweight sections, fabricated profiles and components, thermally broken profiles with polyamides strips, anodising and chemical brightening, polyester powder coating, polishing laminating and stockholding and transportation.

Our customers benefit from a total service from the design of the extrusion through to cutting, machining, finishing and subassembly.

All our products are extruded and finished under the best European standard and ISO 9001 certification. Please contact our sales office to find out more or to discuss your individual requirements. Contact Us

Aluminium Extrusions UK

GSM Aluminium Ltd is a solution driven supplier of bespoke extruded & fabricated aluminium profiles.

Aluminium Extrusions for the UKWe are a privately owned company established in 1992 to provide bespoke aluminium profiles to the UK and French markets.

In order to produce high quality aluminium extrusions components , GSM initially traded and continues to trade with UK and European suppliers.  In response to market globalization, in 2009 GSM took its trading expertise one step further and invested in a new extrusion and manufacturing plant in the Far East. GSM Aluminium is a unique company, able to service their customers with design support, including full CAD facilities, right through to the finished components. All these operations are completed in-house giving us full quality control and a complete understanding of the production processes in order to achieve the highest level of surface finish at a competitive cost.  GSM also offers a central stock-holding facility in Keighley, West Yorkshire, ensuring short delivery lead times to the whole of their UK and Western European customers.

Our expertise ...

Supplier of bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles UK • Aluminium wall-board Sections • Aluminium Trunking & cable management • Aluminium rails & tracks • • Aluminium sliding wall tracks • Automotive profiles • Audio visual equipment • • Conservatory roofing systems • Curtain walling • Electrical • Engineering • Kitchen trims • • Lighting industry • Office furniture • Partitioning • Range of anodising finishes • Signage • • Shower & toilet cubicles • Sport and leisure equipment • Tiling and flooring profiles• • Transport • Window and door systems •

Some Aluminium Extrusion facts:

Extruded aluminium UK SampleAluminium is the fastest growing metal today and has been described in the UK as the "material of opportunity" and for a few years, it has become the most popular element to use in various UK applications and product solutions. If it is compared to other metals like iron, bronze, copper and steel, which have been used in the UK for thousands of years, aluminium is termed relatively young, and identified as an elemental metal in the year 1807. The aluminium extrusion means that this element can be easily formed into any custom shape and that is why it is most ideal for most types of applications.

Aluminium is also light in weight which makes its installation easier. And the use of aluminium extrusion is tremendously increasing. As a material used in construction, aluminium extrusions provide various opportunities to think along new methods to implement and to extend its limits of possibilities because the choice of the relevant material is a critical decision in the development of any product application. As far as aluminium is concerned it makes every possible way to give the product suitable mechanical and physical property at the same moment as achieving an aesthetically moulded appearance.

Aluminium is a lightweight element but very strong and durable, offering same credibility as any structural steel with an increased payload. It is a perfect material of choice as it is highly resistant to corrosion, easy to install and fabricate, and offers marvellous aesthetics. An extrusion actually provides unlimited opportunities for adapting many product shapes.

An aluminium extrusion has the privilege to be used, practically in all products, businesses and environments. And can be an absolute substitute for plastic, wood, steel and copper. Aluminium has a quality of unbeatable and unique combination of physical and mechanical properties like good electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength and low weight, excellent formability etc. which makes it into a highly usable and an enchanting material. Durability, lightweight, resistance to corrosion and high strength are some of the key benefits of aluminium. And it is also one of the most environmental friendly metals put in use today. And best of all, aluminium can be recycled and can be used many times, while using only a bit of the energy needed for its primary production. So, it’s obvious that many companies are now realizing the benefits of using aluminium extrusions.
Aluminium in its purest form is relatively soft. So to overcome this property, it can be alloyed means can be combined with two or more elements and/or cold worked that is to mechanically deform at designated temperature for full re-crystallization to happen. Most of the aluminium elements before being put up at the market have already been alloyed with at least one other element.
Extruded aluminium UK Profile SampleThere are two hardening methods that are used on most alloys in the extrusion process. First being the ‘Solution’ heat treatment which is carried out during extrusion by carefully heating and controlling the temperature when resulting into the emerging profile, soaked and then rapidly quenched. Another method is ‘Precipitation’ hardening or artificial ageing process takes few hours, and duly occurs in the special furnaces after the extrusion process.

Corrosion resistance, finishing, Strength, suitability for decorative anodizing, weld ability and the production costs are amongst the few factors that affects to choose the right alloy for an extruded product.

Recycling is one of the major advantages of aluminium which means that it can be designed into any type of product, regardless of its usage. A walkway on a bridge, load bearing structures, a curtain walling section, window, facades, shop fronts, patent glazing, glass houses, partitions, expansion joint , architectural hardware, solar panel frames, architectural hardware, claddings, etc. all use aluminium extrusions.. In fact, Aluminium is often referred to as the “green metal” that means it is infinitely recyclable. And the properties of any recycled element are not any different from primary metal. In contrast to so many other form of materials, properties of aluminium never changes.

In order to design a wide variety of product ranges in different shapes and sizes, aluminium extrusion is certainly one of the most suitable and cost effective in many ways. It plays an important role in all the engineering, aerospace and electronics fields. Yet, there is a lack of knowledge in the case of aluminium extrusions and designing profile still lays low, when compared to other traditional materials.

All the aluminium profile accessories are designed to be user friendly, so as to allow minimum time in assembling them.

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